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Aqua Slim Water Storage Tank 1000 Lt

Aqua Slim Water Storage Tank 1000 Lt

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Code: A 125
Colour/s: Mist Green, White, Grey
Dimensions: 175cm x 52cm x 126cm
Material: UV Stablised Linear Low Density Polyethylene
Packaging Qty: Loose
Packaging Type: n/a

Introducing the Tank of the future� Why use 10 x Reason why����� 1. Reduced space requirements (Small foot print) � Saves space. � Takes up less room. � Ideal for those with space constraints 2. Patented Design � Only flat tank on the market. 3. 1000+ Litre capacity � Ideal for water storage and collection. (Can store most non-corrosive liquids). � Weight 40kg empty. 4. Competitive pricing � Who can put a price on space savings? � Pricing on request. Due to individual requirements. 5. Practical and modern � Why use bulky old-fashioned tanks? � AQUAslim can be linked to other tanks to increase capacity 6. Other uses � Used as a retaining wall. � Built into a house, garage or fence wall. � Frost and wind break. 7. Why have water tanks? � Save on water bills. � Collect water all year round. � Ideal for filling swimming pools and for gardens etc. � No expensive borehole charge. � Water harvesting is good for the environment. 8. Very Tough Tanks � Designed specifically for strength and durability. 9. Water Pressure � Our smaller and taller tank naturally creates higher water pressure. � Up to 3 x more than a regular tank. 10. Who can benefit? Ideal for: � Residential homeowners. � Property developers working with space constraints. � Industrial properties such as small factories etc. � Any one looking to save space. Why would you use anything else? **NOTE � Freighting** AQUAslim is ideal for shipping. 56 x units will fit into a 40 foot container.

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